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In A Hurry

Amy, looking to take back her power, robs a convenience store. Clark, a defense lawyer from the big city is in this small town taking on a domestic violence case, happens to be in the wrong place and at the wrong time. These two as Homer would say have a few things they need to work out and while being In A Hurry.

One Act Festival Summer 2021 and Spring 2022. 

Next Move

After the closure of Hartley Realtors offices Madison and Harper are forced to move in with their madwoman boss to keep the company afloat, unaware of what's in store in this next move. 

Web Series 3-5 min Episodes

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The Stork 

Kelly and Alex, a generally happy couple, are spending the weekend at their remote cabin in the woods, when a strange character dressed as a bird and calling themselves “The Stork” arrives and reveals some hidden truths about the couple they have not yet discussed.

One Act Festival 2019


The Bad Millennials

Adeline, Cameron & Beatrice are three millennial women who are not completely in sync with the new trends. Follow them on this journey learning how to survive this millennium.

You'll laugh, you'll cry, you may even learn how to swipe right or left, what is goat yoga, how healthy a turmeric latte is and get that food insta you so desperately try to take.

Web Series 3-5 min Episodes

OFFICIAL SELECTION - Atlanta Movie Awards - 2022.png

Not Sure-o-gate

Peter and Emily are looking to find a surrogate in hopes to have a baby. Heather is a Surrogate agent who has been dreaming of having a baby her entire life. 

One Act Festival 2018