"A savvy, sarcastic, runs on coffee twenty something year old who is always multi-tasking. She is a determined young thing eager to learn, I guarantee that she will leave her mark on this world." 


I fell in love with acting when I was eight years old. Before that I played school in my bedroom and failed many a stuff animal for not doing their homework. 

I grew up dancing and just figured I would follow in my mothers footsteps of becoming a professional dancer. When I was nine my grandfather took the entire family on a trip to Disney World it was a goodbye trip more or less, as he was dying of cancer. My obsession with my American Girl Doll Samantha gave me a brilliant idea...at the end of the trip I produced, directed and starred in a performance of Samantha the American Girl play. I had casted my family as the the supporting roles and put on a performance I'll never forget. 


It was then I realized that a performance, whether it be a play, a tv show or film, was the outlet to make people forget the outside world, their problems, and feel something if only for a moment. 

I'm not entirely sure If I chose acting or it chose me, but since then I've never looked back. 

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