Samantha Bowen was born and raised on Long Island, New York. She graduated at a slightly above average level with a BFA, and because she really didn't think she had stacked up enough debt already she received an MBA. Not only is she an actress with great comedic chops she's got rhythm too! Samantha has a background in multiple genres of dance. She is best known for her dad jokes, inaccurately describing books she loves and her very bland fashion statements. Samantha is wildly unknown for The Undesirables, Mooch and Next Move a series which she created and produced. (but they're on IMDB here so check them out!)

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When she is not acting or dancing (the night away) Samantha is spending her time behind the camera as a producer and writer. Her written work has been produced by theaters in the US as well as overseas. Working in production she has worked along side Richard Kline, Jason Mewes, Christina Ricci to name a few. Samantha has created two separate series that she wrote, produced and acted in, The Bad Millennials (first episode is out), and Next Move (currently in post).